Saturday, July 14, 2007


Lost's artwork (which is largely at sickness and filth) is my favorite, even more so than Julie Verhoeven. (Careful, that link has loud music that you can't turn off.) I have to make a band first, but then I think I am going to solely use her stuff for band art like album covers and flyers. Also, I am excited to see her in Michigan in a month- aside from a couple times when I had just moved to the bay and was super disoriented, I haven't really seen her since she crashed on my floor in New York for a couple of nights, and then brought grapes to Strictly Platonic practices. ("Every fourth one is kind of weird, but they're mostly good.")

If you do the "view image" thing on these pictures, you can see 'em unsquished.

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mordacious said...

actually warning people about annoying music is great.