Friday, August 17, 2007


Link from bookslut: TS Eliot read the Wasteland.

Also: Amy Bloom has new fiction! I thought her book about trans stuff was... I don't know, nice, but not really my favorite thing ever; I read the shit out of all her fiction over the course of like three days back a million years ago when I first discovered her; I'm excited about the new one, even though I'm still thumpin my way excitedly through Shelley Jackson. I kinda want to rip open the boxes of books-to-go-out-Tuesday and start in on it, but I've got a bunch of stuff going on and I'm still trying to decompress from Camp Trans and I didn't really sleep last night, for reasons I don't think I'm supposed to publicly blog about. They're pretty mundane though.

Anyway, yeah! New fiction about heady desire love stuff. I lump Amy Bloom in with Jeanette Winterson theoretically because they both write about sex/love desire so much, even though maybe it's just because they're both big lezzies. Hey speaking of which, what's happenin, Jeanette Winterson? Are you a young adult author like everybody else now? Visola liked Tanglewreck but I'm having trouble getting interested.

[/boring list of lady author names]

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Jennifer said...

I got a copy of Away a few months ago at a Librarian's dinner she spoke at during BookExpo. I don't remember what she said, but I remembered liking her. If you were still in New York you might have seen this sitting on my kitchen table and you could have had it!