Thursday, September 27, 2007

two things about Brooklyn and one other thing

This Brooklyn comic shop, Rocketship, is one of my favorite places in the world. I know folks who have different priorities, so whatever, but the emphasis is on everything about comics that I am stoked about, and not any of the stuff I don't care about. Also, I met Mary a little before the store opened and she is one of the sweetest, awesomest people ever. When my Williamsburg apartment was overrun with bedbugs, she came over with buckets, mops, bleach and underwear (good story there) and paid for my drycleaning 'cause I was broke.

Also, you know how whenever you're in my store you're like What are these sweet, sweet sounds coming through the stereo? Rocketship's like that, too, only times ten. Every time I go there I learn about a new band.

Anyway, love letter aside, they were in Japanese Esquire this month.

Another thing is that I love Jonathan Safran Foer as much as the next sensitive mid-to-late-twenties college-educated white kid- maybe more, since I don't have an angry chip on my shoulder about him like everybody else I know seems to have- but this article tearing him + Dave Eggers and the rest of the "Brooklyn Books of Wonder" writers still made me smile. I lived in Brooklyn for a long time and I love it with all my heart, and while I was there I was very much in the mindset that ol' Melvin Jules Bukiet's writing about; I just get excited that somebody's complaining about those folks in a way that feels like a useful criticism, instead of just calling them stupid or gimmicky or whatever.

Also, my girlfriend and I got a puppy. Her name is Pants. I don't care about the internet any more. (Which I guess is the theme of this blog so far- why I hate blogging and the internet- because I'm a postmodern hack.)


AJ said...

Also, my girlfriend and I got a puppy. Her name is Pants. I don't care about the internet any more.

Good segueway!

mordicai said...

Nearly mentioned! My priorities!

imogen said...

I know, I almost referenced you by name but I felt like that was maybe unprofessional.

Hannah said...

OMFG I'm sorry WHAT?? I just found the time finally to read that POOP article and I am so angry I want to put POOP on it!! What in HELL do you like about that shitty idiot garbagehole?? Ugh!! I don't think I have ever seen a more ignorant statement in the Internet than that POOP one about there being no growth from tragedy. Seriously, I am pissed as hell right now. I am going to have to find this a-hole and attack him with a wrench.