Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New York Magazine did a Fashion Shoot with people from my old bookstore. I think it's funny that Ms. Bass, the owner, is there on the front page but not on the inside, and I think it's probably because they asked her questions and she answered ridiculously or stupidly, or else just moaned like a zombie. Or, more likely, they asked her a question about books and she answered in a manner that was so transparently clueless-while-trying-to-sound-clued-in that they couldn't even use it.

I'm mostly excited that Jenny McKibben was in it, though. I kind of always wanted to be her: she looks super put together every day in a way that doesn't feel pretentious, just badass, plus she's very very nice. Also sometimes she is hung over. I kinda miss wishing I had her clothes.

And of course, nobody I'm very tight with is in the thing, because we are all too attractive for mass media.

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