Monday, July 16, 2007

Shelley Jackson

This is from Shelley Jackson's Half Life:

But hate, like love, is very hard to squash. It's knocking in the coffin and embarrassing the mourners. It's sprouting hair, hawking loogies, chewing with its mouth open, farting, grinning. It's life: untoward, unseemly, but way cooler than easeful death, that sap. Who decorously taps his toe behind "Nora, you have self-esteem issues," and "Nora, so much rage," and ...

Um, it gets a little abstract out of context after that. I love her. It's frustrating though: I've been getting super excited about books, and then losing interest in them halfway through VERY CONSISTENTLY lately. It happened with the new Junot Diaz, it happened with the serious sociological study on punk girls- it even happened with Whipping Girl for a while, even though the whole time I was reading it I was like "as frustrating as this can be, I'm so glad it's in the world."

I'm not sure what the losing interest thing is about, but whatever. It's fine. As long as I remember to lose interest in library books instead of ten dollar books, everything works out.


Anonymous said...

give that diaz book another shot. its astonishing.

ellie g said...

i actually never finished whipping girl. i think i just got sorta so overwhelmed by the single-minded nature of the argument that it became too much. i went back to reading middlesex, because, you know, it's a story. and that's easy.

i do agree with your opinion of it though. i'm very glad it's been written.